Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Rhombus + Gothzilla + The Black Riders Cult at Crape Noctum, Leeds.

I had been offered a lift there and back, which meant I didn`t have to monitor my alcohol intake too closely, in fact I didn`t at all.
The Black Riders Cult had just started by the time we got in, but I was soon into the music. I have seen them a few times before, best described as early Sisters, but with bigger echo. All too soon they came round to finishing with Midnight Flower which I love
The Black Riders Cult
 The break gave me a chance to say hi to a few folk including Tim from Gothzilla. not surprisingly the club was filling up early. I emptied my pint and headed to the bar for a refill. I turned around and Gothzilla were on stage and saying hello I politely made my way to the front just in time to get the thumps-up from Tim.
 Gothzilla open with the first track from their first CD. Todays A Good Day To Die. This is becoming quite personal to me in my usual surreal way, it`s the third time Gothzilla have played Leeds and every time it marks the dearth of someone I know. Next song up was Tight wire which I also love it and from there on couldn`t stop dancing though all my favourites like Negative Creep, Temple of Sound and ending with Army of Angels. I even got a stage mention for supporting them! Orr thanks.
All that dancing so back to the bar, but, Disaster the bar man had disappeared! Whilst waiting I was talking to Jason from The Black Riders Cult, who then very kindly brought me a pint. Thank you!
  I when straight back to the front ready for Rhombus and had a quick natter to Alix and Andy as they did their final sound check. Lee, Rob and Edward came on stage and they started with Open The Sky. Playing though a list of my favourite Rhombus songs with 1 or 2 new ones added in it was a brilliant set ending with Anywhere and Timeless and Elegant. 
Rhombus, even managed to get a shoot of Lee on drums.

Back to the bar and find a seat, I needed a rest, that is, till Howard played New Rose and I found myself on the dance floor. In fact the dance floor kept calling for the likes of Killing Jokes War Dance, The Cramps, The Cure and a good few more, until my lift said “About ten minutes”

But what a night, super, thanks to all that made it so.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Martinfest 3

Last Thursday was Martinfest 3, an annual event held at The Packhorse in Leeds. This year raising money for the charity MIND, for which we made £100.00.
You just know it`s going to be a super night when before you get to the pub you find Martin looking through a window of a café and join him in pulling faces at `Wolfe` from The Expelaires !!
Anyway once inside the `Usual Suspects` were at the bar, and we talked about gigs past, present and future, as you do. Joel appeared and I `thanked` him for designating my birthday date as `The Day of The Goths` (He`s doing an event on it by that name) It seems only right anyway.
Byronic Sex and Exile
 Upstairs paid my money and grabbed a seat. More friends were there.
Martin said a few words and Byronic Sex and Exile, that`s Joel, opened the proceedings. My favourite had to be and as Joel introduced it. “A Leeds favourite Goth song, but made a few decades earlier” ~~1859, which actually made more sense than the original 1959. He finished with a cover of the `Stones Sympathy for the Devil.
Then as a tribute to Mark E. Smith of The Fall Andy Watson read a few of his words.
The Xlerators, Martin`s at the back!
 Back to the fun, The Xlerators, Martin (Drums) Andy Holmes (Guitar), Ian (Bass) and Ken (Vocals and guitar) They have to be the BEST covers band I have ever seen. Playing Punk and New Wave, finishing as always with Jet Boy, Jet Girl made into a medley including a bit of Sweet Caroline, and Shake and Vac TV advertisement !! You have to be there or at least watch this video on youtube.

Grape from The Expelaires joined The Xlerators for “Be Your Dog” 
 After that I needed more beer on the way down I met Grape (going up) from The Expelaires. I first saw them in 1979 and they are celebrating their Ruby anniversary. I just got back in time for the start of their set, and what a belter it was. 
The Expelaires, Martin`s still at the back!
Time for home and bed, up at half six in morning. I`m getting too old for this….

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Not A Blog For Blogs Sake.

I started my Blog for two reasons; firstly as an on-line archive for the back log of pieces I had written for my caravanning group`s magazine, (Spen `n` Ink). And secondly as a way to get my trade name (App`y The Gardener) on line without having to try and set-up a proper website
So the first 35 or so posts were simply `copy and pasted` from my Spen `n` Ink files. I then started to use it as a bit of a diary, nothing to personal, writing about nights out, Greyhound stuff. Along with work related stories and visits to cemeteries followed.
My life in one, Greyhound (Holly), Camping and Goth.
I never felt that I had to Blog, and apart from in lent in 2012, where I purposely posted every day, I only post when I have something to write about that is relevant to me, and is too long to put on Facebook.

It`s not Blog for Blogs sake. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Misty Day At Lawnswood Cemetery

At this time of year I don`t have a great deal of work, so after I`d finished I decided to go and remove the Christmas Wreath I had put on my parents grave. 
My parents grave at Lawnswood Cemetery
However It still looked so nice and there were a lot still on other graves I decided to leave it a bit longer. I not sure of the protocol for how long you should leave them on graves?
At Lawnswood Cemetery
 The big cemetery always looks so good in mist. I was a bit sorry that I was not better dressed for my visit, I like to just appear out of the mist in long coat and tall hat. Here are some of the pics I took.
At Lawnswood Cemetery

At Lawnswood Cemetery

At Lawnswood Cemetery

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Review Of My Year 2017

Not to late this time, so here we are…..

Best / Favourite

New Place (Countryside) I Visited. ~
Smailholm Tower in Scotland. Link>>>

Cemetery. ~
Church of St. Michael The Archangel Link>>>

Stage Mention ~
Gothzilla at Goth City Festival. ~
They dedicated ‘Todays A Good Day To Die’ to me after I`d mentioned that as I was playing in my car the day before, someone I knew, had! (Unfortunately it was edited out of the video. Link>>>

Biggest Disappointment ~
Harry Potter studio tour in February Link>>>

Christmas present to / from myself ~
The book Vaesen, from Grimfrost, about the Scandinavian folklore with deep roots in Viking Age culture. 
Not my pic
 Biggest Job / Clearance done at Work.
The Bothy Feb & Dec 2107

Here`s to 2018

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Remember always to >>>
Not my pic.
 My plans for 2018
Spend LESS time at work (again).
Do Not Volunteer or get involved in running anything.
Go to April Whitby Goth Weekend.
Go to Sacrosanct.
Tidy out the loft. (Might leave that till 2019) 
Not my pic.
 And keep warm till spring
Not my pic.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Ghost of Christmas Past.

This Christmas, as we sat down to eat our meal; I was visited by a ghost of Christmas past. In the crackers were jokes and tricks, one of which was the `ball in the goblet` one, to most people just a bit of harmless fun, but I had not seen one of them since my childhood. 
Ball trick.
I think I would have been about 8 to 9ish when I was given one as the only present from my Nana and Gran (on my mum`s side.) Now for that I was grateful, happy and contented. However, it came to pass, that all my cousins, who lived next door to my Nana and Gran had received big, and no doubt more expensive presents, and when my mum found out `All hell` seemed to break out! My mum had always said `they` thought more of my aunties kids than hers (Me).
Not my pic.
 As I said that was `Christmas past` and long forgotten, till now.
Not my pic.

Rhombus + Gothzilla + The Black Riders Cult at Crape Noctum, Leeds.

I had been offered a lift there and back, which meant I didn`t have to monitor my alcohol intake too closely, in fact I didn`t at all. ...