Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar

I came across this super calendar rising money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation a few weeks ago and decided to buy one for myself.
Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar`s Pic
It would make an ideal present for the Goth in your life, if not yourself.
Here`s a link to their Etsy Shop.
Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar`s Pic
 And here`s one to their FB page
Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar`s Pic
 In their words:-
“People who identify with the goth subculture, or indeed any other alternative subculture, can be found in all walks of life, even where you least expect- including the Scottish Highlands! Unfortunately, being different can lead to intolerance, prejudice and occasionally incidents of hate crime.
The Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar is a charity fundraising project in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation- a charity which aims to `stamp out prejudice hatred and intolerance` by focusing on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities.
We at Goth on the Croft have worked hard with the help of local organisations to create this frighteningly fiendish 2018 photo wall calendar to raise funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and to promote understanding and acceptance of alternative subcultures in our community.”
Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar`s Pic

Monday, 20 November 2017

Digging Up The Past?

You never know what you will find, till you put your spade in the ground. I was going to plant a shrub today. Hit something hard, yet hollow sounding. 
GPO manhole
A couple of inches down I found what turned out to be a GPO manhole. Lifted it to see if it was live, it was full of cables and had water running through it. I bet the broadband is slow then. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Gardeners, Shadows and Jehovah`s Witnesses

Yesterday where I was working, a group of  tidily dressed people came down the cul-de- sac, they were obviously Jehovah`s Witnesses. Although they knocked on the doors of the houses no body answered. So two came over to me, I was raking up leafs, but still tried to give me a leaflet.
Pic NOT mine.
ME: It`s okay I`ve just got a new bible yesterday
JWs: Oh that`s good do you read it a lot?
ME: When I say `Bible` I actually mean The Gardnerian Book of Shadows, but it`s like a bible for Pagans.
JWs: Stunned looks and silence. 

Here`s a link to where I bought mine from 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Smailholm Tower

Back in summer, on our holidays in the Scottish Borders, we visited Smailholm Tower.
Smailholm Tower
 The Pictures are mine, but the following is copied from visit Scotland web site.
“Sited high on a rocky outcrop, Smailholm is a small rectangular tower set within a stone barmkin wall.
This 65 ft tower house was built by a well-known Scottish Borders family in the first half of the 15th century, and today you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside from Smailholm Tower’s battlements.
Inside the tower is a model of this Pringle residence and a charming collection of costume figures and tapestries relating to Sir Walter Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders. It was the sight of Smailholm that fired Walter Scott's imagination when, as a young boy, he was brought up by his grandparents at the nearby farm of Sandyknowe.”
Smailholm Tower

Smailholm Tower

Smailholm Tower

View from top of Smailholm Tower

Me at Smailholm Tower

Smailholm Tower

Smailholm Tower

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Spen`s Final Tango. Trailer.

This weekend we will be running the last ever event for our local Caravanning group (Spen Valley), which is about to fold due a shortage of new members.

Because it`s Halloween as well, this is what we have planned. 
The Bats Have Left the Bell Tower Game ~ The Bats have left the Bell Tower and are hiding around the market, some have taken with them the chewed up name badge of a classic horror movie star. Find the bats; which have a letter and number. Rearrange the letters to reveal who the movie star is.
Not my background to pic.
Saturday Night. Program
Charity Auction ~ Getting rid, I mean selling off unused tom bowler prizes etc.
Wrap the Mummy Game ~ Turn your partner into a Mummy ~ using toilet roll ~against the clock.
The Bats Have Left the Bell Tower Game Answers
A Quiz, about bats, as it happens.
There will a Supper
Gary Gilmore Game ~ Find Gary Gilmore’s eyes~ Inter group challenge
Trick or treat Raffle ~ Some good prizes, some not so….
I will be playing relevant music throughout the evening
The Final Tango ~ The time to celebrate Spen’s passing ~ Music and words.
Fancy Dress is strongly encouraged
Not my background to pic.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Goth City Festival 2017

Held over 2 weeks and at various venues around Leeds
Here are some of my better snaps. (In A to Z)

Alice Moving Under Skies

Byronic Sex and Exile (Joel)

Dearth Party UK


Jan Doyle Band


Luxury Stranger 

The Glass House Museum 

The Webb
The usual thanks to Joel for all this, the bands, the crew and everyone who came and made this a wonderful event. ~~~ THANKS 

Friday, 15 September 2017

I`m been stalked by a Skip company.

5 emails and 2 ‘phone calls in the last 24 hours! From a Skip company. When does this officially become stalking?

Goth on the Croft 2018 calendar

I came across this super calendar rising money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation a few weeks ago and decided to buy one for myself. ...